Raw Materials: It all starts here

This is where the journey begins. Before each Up 'n Joe Sparkling Coffee is created, all its ingredients and pieces start off as raw materials. From aluminium for the can bodies to each ingredient that is specific in each Up 'n Joe. All raw materials and ingredients are gathered and sent off to our production facility where it all comes together.

Raw Materials

The blank canvas.
<span>Raw Materials</span> In Our Carbonated Coffee

Preperation: When it all comes together

By now the aluminium has turned into sleek Up 'n Joe can's and all ingredients are batched together with precise measurements to make sure each Up 'n Joe is perfect. The final product is then put together into our can's and each is sealed, checked for any faults or flaws, qualty control checked and packaged together ready to be shipped out.


Where Up 'n Joe is made.
<span>Preparation</span> of Carbonated Coffee

Distribution: Shipped out!

So far in it's journey of creation of the can to production of the amazing carbonated coffee, each and every Up 'n Joe Sparkling Coffee can has gone through a long process in order to get it ready to be shipped out to specific locations across the land. Shipments are picked up by our truckers and each set out toward their destination.


Up 'n Joe has left the facility.
<span>Distribution</span> Our Sparkling Coffee

Consuming: It's yours!

From sheets of aluminium and raw ingredients our products have been created and have been shipped out of our facility. Now after the long journey there is an Up 'n Joe Sparkling Coffee ready for you to indulge at your local participating retailer. Pick one up and its journey ends. Enjoy! We take pride in creating quality product and making our customers happy.


It's ready to enjoy.
<span>Consuming</span> Of Our Carbonated Coffee